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How to Build a House


Everyone thinks at a house, at one point or another in their life. This is a huge responsibility, as there are so many aspects that have to be considered before taking on this kind of project. It’s not only about buying the house, but also about what you fill it with. A house is a personal space, one that represents you completely from its aspect to its design, so be very careful about this.

You have two options, one is to buy one that is already made, and the other one is to get a land and build one, exactly how you want it.

Construction-CompanyTo build a house is not an easy process, but professionals have the right knowledge to do it. However, this is more preferable than to buy a house that is already made, as here you have the possibility to choose the plan and design everything, as you want it. It is true that this is a big responsibility, but with a careful planning, you will be able to enjoy your new house in a short period of time.

Here is what you need to do for a successful project:

Find the Location

There are many factors that you have to consider when you think about the location of your future house. As you will be doing it in the local area, see where the available land for sale is. You should look for an area that has utilities and where the ground is stable. Apart from this, consider if there is a good community infrastructure – nearby schools, stores, a police section, medical facilities, etc.

This will make it extremely easy for you in the future, as you’ll have available different advantages for you and your family. A nearby store allows you to get what you need in a short time, without traveling all the way to downtown area. In addition, a medical facility is needed, because you might want to use their services.

Select a Property

Once you have determined the location, look for a property to buy. The land should not be too big, but neither too small. Think about where you want to place the house – in the front or in the back, if you want to have a big back yard and so on. Apart from this, you should always consider your budget – respect it and you won’t have any future surprises. Apart from it, make sure you have an access route to your land.

This is very important, because every property should have easy access to a main road. If there are more properties that are available for sale, choose one that has everything you need right next to it. Consider electricity and water as necessities, as these are extremely important.


HIL-02-bannerThis means that you should have the available money to buy the land, or you can get a credit for buying the land and building the house. Whatever you do, keep in mind that you can’t spend more than what you can afford. Choose the property carefully, so that you can use your money wisely – the money should be enough for both of these processes – buying the land and building the house.

Ask the financial institution that you have chosen for loan if they will finance your land too. It’s easier to get them both in the same credit, because you might get a smaller rate for your mortgage. However, if that is not possible, look for a smaller credit only for the land.


When you consider designing a house, you may find a good architect that will also recommend you good house builders, like this cottage industries website. This would be extremely useful, as the architects already have experience working with them, and a recommendation is always welcomed. Take your own drawing to the architect and let him/her design you a professional plan.

3D rendering of a house with garage on top of blueprintsIt may take more than a visit to your architect to see the design of the house. Don’t let the architect tell you what you need, but make it the other way around. The architect must work after your plans and decisions. It’s true that the architect knows about drawing and planning, but your ideas should have priority when designing your own place. In addition, it’s good to listen the architect when he/she makes recommendations, but make sure that he understands your needs and your ideas.

Once you have the plans, you will have to obtain other approvals from the local authorities – don’t skip this step, because without these approvals you will not be able to build your house.

The Living Area

Pay special attention to the living area when you design your house. Make sure you know exactly how many bedrooms you want, bathrooms or other functional spaces. You will surely need a laundry and a storage area; you can have a functional basement and also an attic that can be used. Apart from this, the kitchen area is very important, so design it based on your family’s needs.

Don’t forget the importance of windows – make sure they are big enough to allow light to easily come in. A lighter room will be brighter and you won’t have to use so much electricity to have light there.

Contractors workers people.Plan everything from the start, because once the project is started, you won’t be able to move a wall, especially if it’s about structure. Have a clear image of what you want in the end, because if you are not careful enough, you might find yourself with a house that doesn’t fit your exact needs. Make a list with all the things that you think they are important in your house, and present them to the architect. This way, he will be able to incorporate them all in the design, without adding modifications at a later time.

Permits and Insurance

Once you have done this, you can go and take all the necessary permits to be able to start the process of building – a permit for the septic tank, an electrical permit, a HVAC permit, a plumbing permit and sometimes an environmental impact permit. You will also need to have construction insurance, and these are different depending on the place you are living in. To know exactly what you need to have, check out with your local authorities, as they will be able to tell you.

Apart from this, make sure you consult with a lawyer that is specialized in real estate properties. He or she will be able to tell you the exact steps that you have to take for obtaining those permits. Not all areas require the same exact permits, so be very careful. In addition, you will need to close some insurance policies, because you will have a real construction site, with many workers. This will help you cover the costs in case something goes wrong, like an accident or anything else.


There are so many things that you need to be careful about, and once the process has been started, you will have to check everything at least once a week. Don’t believe that all the work should be done by the construction company, as that is your house. You need to check if they are working according to the schedule that was presented to you, and that the right materials are used for building your house. After everything was finished, make sure they clean the place properly, as that is not your job. It falls into their job description to leave the property clean of debris, and rightly build.

It’s a wonderful thing to have your own house, and once the building process is finished, you will be able to enjoy your own property. Fill it out exactly the way you want it, with the right furniture and the right accessories. Remember that the small details will make a great difference. Among other things mentioned in this article, we really recommend you check out Cottage industries for renovating your kitchen.